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KnoxCarterKandle Club: Monthly Candle Subscription

KnoxCarterKandle Club: Monthly Candle Subscription

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Subscribers to our candle subscription can enjoy a continuous ambiance enhancement in their homes or spaces. Regularly receiving new and unique candle scents adds variety and depth to the atmosphere, creating a soothing and delightful environment. Whether they're looking to set a relaxing mood, invigorate their surroundings, or create a cozy setting, your subscription ensures they always have the perfect candle on hand.

Each Month you will receive:

* 2  Exclusive 8 oz Candles

 Payment and Shipping Process

* Your method of payment used at checkout will be billed on the original date of purchase each month. For example when you join and you purchase on the 10th of the month, your card will be billed the 10th of the each month moving forward.

* Subscription boxes will ship between the 1st-5th of the month

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